Obsession with safety cameras continues...


“That wasn’t me in the custom-fit 1 piece race leathers on my bike, and you can’t prove it”. Hah!

And by the way, I was bimbling along the A40 at 40mph when a flat-bed truck thundered by at about 60 on the inside, because he had a barely-decipherable “Republic of Upper Latvonistan” number plate. I passed him after the camera tho, lolroffles.

Am not having friendly feelings towards car drivers today, particularly the older ones as two nearly ran me over this morning. The first starting drifting to the right as I was about to overtake her, she was almost sitting on the steering wheel. I kid you not and the other if he wasn’t drunk might have been having a heart attack for all I know the way he was swerving or he didn’t see a thing. Jesus!

I’d say, go get them, if they were bikers, I’d probably (definitely) feel different, but this is also based on my belief that speeding car drivers are a danger to other people (generally) and speeding bikers are mainly a danger to themselves.

Lucky, I am not bitter, eye?