oakdene wrotham

went down the oakdene last night as i wouldnt be able to find my way to the bm meet on my own , It was the first time i have been there and didnt see a single police car/bike , was they in plain clothes unmarked cars , taking down numberplates? hope not for the sake of the bloke pulling wheelies, was very strange not to see at least one policeman/woman am i just paroniod where they hiding where they spying i have never been there and not seen a policeman/woman in 5 years they must of been hiding … maybe i am just im just paronoid .oy, u london bikers lol

I’ve been down there a couple of times and it seems thats how it is - not heard of anyone being done for wheelies or anything :slight_smile:

You’ll often see a police car sitting in the layby on the exit of the M26.


I go down there quite often and I’ve never seen a boy in blue. BUT… wasn’t this where someone on here was followed by a guy on a black unmarked Blade? :ermm:

went there last night after BM.They plot in different places.

Saw them plotted on the M26 coast bound as i was going home.

They also love to hang around on seven mile lane because of its long straight as well as the a25 towards sevenoaks and westerham.

and when they are being covert then they just ride their unmarked Blades

ask Badboy about that…:Whistling:

Sussex police have a gaggle of blades, marked and unmarked. Had a marked blade acting as outrider for a charity ride a few weeks ago. Confused the bejesus out of the other road users, when a copper blocks a junction on a sports bike.

Showed nice skills getting from the back of the group to clear the next junction.

yeah we were stuck behind a Sussex marked blade on the Hastings mayday run coming up from Tenterden to Rye.

He only left us alone when he had to sort a collision out which had blocked the lane ahead of us.