oakdene weds 24th ,my wife's finally decided to over come her fears

I know the BM is on a wednesday but Sue has decided to over come all her fears of going on the back of a bike, before my almost fatal accident in 2002 ,Sue and i would go every where on the bike . its taken her a lot of courage to decide to do it again , and we are going to the oakdene wednesday eve from about 6 it would be nice if any of you lot local to the area would also pop down , and give sue some encouragement? i will be riding down there with an essex lb’er , at about 6pm , hopefully this will be the start of sue coming out more on the bike with me again:cool:

really hope to see some of you down there

stay lucky


coffee is on me ???

lotsa coffee to buy then;)

i’ll be at BM:w00t::w00t::smiley:


tell sue she’s done a great job so far by even agreeing to get on the back of the bike…me and frogga will be down there just after 6 i reckon;).

see ya down there mate…


cool thanks, maybe when sues got enough confidence she will trust me to go to the bm …maybe…loljust in the garage reffitng the old bulbous seat untit , as i changed it to single seat k1/3 cause i never thought she would do it , look forward to meeting you and frogga againcheers made my day that has:)

anytime me old fruit!!!:D.


Nice work Si i hope Sue has an enjoyable ride, with plenty more to come in the future. :slight_smile:

Would love to go oakdene but have absolutley no idea wherabouts it is!:w00t:

Thats cool news Si! Hope it all goes well, i’d probably avoid wheelies for now… :wink:

Was going to say the same thing! :slight_smile:

THANKS EVERY ONE :)defo no wheelies ive even unplugged the power comander , for now:D

and Sam & bikerbunny the oakdene is 5 mins from brandshatch :slight_smile:

<A class=l href=“http://www.oakdenecafe.co.uk/” onmousedown=“return clk(this.href,’’,’’,‘res’,‘1’,’’)”>Welcome to the Oakdene Cafe website. The Oakdene Cafe is a ohh :w00t:check out the leather whipps!!! :Whistling: ooh actually they are tasssles for you bar ends , not quiet as kinky but if thats your thing!!!

looking forward to seeing anyone that turns up

srads now back to the std seat with a grabrail attached:)

me and sharon will try and get there tonight

I’ll go Si, and well done to Sue :smiley:

Think Ann-Maries going too as I’m meant to be meeting her there tonight. Be good to see you again Shane, i’ll try to get Andy out too :smiley:

Bit far for me to get to after work so I’ll be at BM instead but I hope your wife enjoys her 1st pillion ride back on your bike, perfect weather for it as well :cool:

i really would like to get to oakdene tonight (not that i know where it is) as im not looking forward to the trip to borough.

however, i do want to see whats said and what happens at bmm, as it could be important for the future of lb (and i dont like not like whats going on)

see you at the oak dean at 7:D

thanks to every one that can come will see you down there , did i really say ill buy the coffee’s :ermm::smiley:

sues took my advice and we went shopping for her own lid leathers boots ect better be safe than sorry,

should be there round 6ish gravel car park or layby?//

see you there:cool:

When I get a new bike I’ll be there!

I went tonight, met 4 hot chicks (Mel, Anne-Marie, Mrs suzukisi and Wolfie ;)) and all you down the BM missed it :smiley:

oh funny a i counted 4 hot chicks there too, and none of them were wolfie , oh you forgot your self in that list :wink: good to see you lmrr and thanks was great to meet everyone else that turned up , sue loved it if i would of taken a clear visor we wouldnt of been home yet. Was good to see you again chenster , and to meet you paul

good turn out great mix of bikes and people from old to new to why!! and weird… bikes that is :smiley:

just a massive thanks again to all that could make it and those that just turned up anyway , not only made sue feel good about it but made me proud to know so many nice people ,see you all again soon , ?

stay lucky