Oakdene 21.04.2010

Anyone goin/fancy it?? I’m still bikeless but im gonna pop up there in the car. Be good to see a few peeps up there :smiley:

be up for that:)

If I can get me packing done in time, I’ll try and make it;):slight_smile:

I’d be up for it!!

Fancy meeting up and riding over together??? :smiley:

sounds good boys, coffees on me :wink:

And cake:D

Trust you, i thought u was on a diet fatty!!

he is a cake and cheesecake diet:D

ive got to pack my tooth brush if i am done in time might pop along

give you abell tomorro

Im defo in…and will be riding the slingshot down…:w00t:…whoop-whoop


give us a bell ben your phone is up creek:)

Bike is MOTless and up for sale now anyway so I won’t be there… probably ever :frowning: Don’t forget to sponsor me hun :wink:

Was good to see some familiar faces :D:D Who where all those people at Borough!!!

good night out ,great run just got back stoped at the ace on the way back it was empty:)good to see ben shane and his old crok:D:D

hahahaha tugs you moany ol git…least its on the road …unlike the poor cow thats festering in your workshop:D

great to see everyone at oakey tonight…let the summer commence!!!


even in my shed mine looks better than yours,cant belive your not going on that ride out:P

Can someone please notify me when some decent honest upstanding LB’ers are meeting at the oakdene, i have to remember to check this section more… would have popped down and risked some food poisoning and met up with ya… :D:D