o2 Broadband?

Anyone here with O2 for their Home Broadband?

I’ve been with Be for years now, never any problems and unlimited download limits. But I don’t download anywhere as much as I used to yet still pay £18 for the pleasure.

O2 are offering upto 8Mb & ‘unlimited’ but within reason, which is ok, some months will peak and others won’t. As I have O2 mobiles the cost (for the same speed - I can only get 6Mb anyway because of the distance from the exchange) is £7.50

Ironically O2 own Be anyway so as far as physical connection goes it’s likely to be exactly the same. Just wondered if anyone had experience of them.

I use an o2 wireless " dongle " with my laptop and , to be honest I’ve never had any problems . Always stays connected although , being mobile , it ain’t the fastest in the world :wink: