nw200 song help

Whilst looking back at some NW200 footage, i came across a cool video of the race through the decades. There is a song called ‘inside’ (i think) and it’s at the end of the video. Can anyone tell me who sang it? It sounds very similar to Nirvarna

That be Stiltskin, mate :slight_smile:
Seem to remember seeing them at the virgin store in Reading years ago…
Some other good music on there too - bit of Zeppelin, and Phantom of the Opera by Iron Maiden - nice

stiltskin! that’s the badger!!:D:D cheers mate. I think it was one of the 1st cd’s i bought. Loooong time ago!

Some cracking footage there:w00t:

A few quizworthy faces in there;)

Cheers mate what a cracking compilation - some fantastic taches and hairstyles too! :smiley: