NW. London Noob

Morning all.

Fresh blood on the London streets cruising about on an AJS NAC 12.

Lovely little 4 stroke 125cc engine. This is my first geared motorcycle and I stalled a few times riding back from the dealership, any tips for riders newer to gears?

Hope to gain a bit of knowledge on these forums as well as make some contacts for rideouts/meets.

hey man! (assuming maleness)


lots of great info available, especially if you have specific questions people usually answer quick+helpful

what situations did you stall in?

Hello & welcome to LB :slight_smile:

You can find lots of help HERE

You can find help for small bikes here And rideout info in General and of course on this LINK

There are also regular weekly meets which Rioting Rob will steer you to.

As commented above

Hello & welcome to LB, We have a regular Wednesday night meet at Borough Market (BM), where we hope you’ll come down and join in the madness.


Also on a Wednesday night you’ll find London bikers at the Ace Café & Blackheath Tea Hut.



If you fancy a ride out then check out the ride out section of the site where members post regular ride outs.So get stuck in and enjoy.

welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB

welcome to LB,

ride as much as possible as practice is the best to know your bike, gears, routes …

Welcome :slight_smile: