Nurburgring september trip! Book now!

Guys Duncan has arranged all the details for us now. Let’s start booking the ferry now!

Details here:

For those that don’t know about it yet, we are going to the ring for a blast! The trip should be reasonably fast as soon as we get in the german soil, the speed limit will be around 90mph where it’s possible and safe, it doesn’t seem a lot but it is constant in corners specially. At the ring? God help us. I’m only telling you that for you don’t confuse a trip to the ring with a rideout. it’s not! The French trip is a rideout and the speed will be set up by the slowest rider as usual.

I was at the Ring a short time ago and this is not a place for those that feel a dislike for speed. You may not want to go fast but there are a lot of people there that DO FLY!

But it was a great trip and I loved it

That’s my point Niceday mate! It’s not a rideout. It will be fun for those that like a fast ride but can be a nightmare for those that want to cruise.

B2T, I could not agree more. As long as I still own a bike I will always be thinking/dreaming about going back. No other trackday or road run has come close

oww man im gonna have to voodoo my boss for time off…

and sell my kids to pay for it…

have to go.

I think my wife will kill me if I go booking more ferries on my credit card! might have to sit this one out :frowning:

This should not be an expensive trip, we are going to ride the ring, that’s all