number plate adverts work!

Hi guys, joined your group after spotting the logo on a plate along the Embankment last week… (red R1 i think). Ive managed just ONE day commuting on my bike into Chelsea before it broke down on way home! Look out for a bright orange CBR"600" along there and give us a nod…



Hey mate. Welcome to the Site. Hope you enjoy it.

Looking sweet.

Pity I didn’t read it until this morning. Doh!

Welcome and catch you next time.

Bike looks good mate.

Welcome to the madhouse - I’ll try to remember to look out for you (no guarantees-brain like sieve)

Welcome mate

welcome to the site Mate come to the ace sometime

cbr6/9… Hello and Welcome mate!!! Hope you enjoy the ride… :slight_smile:

Hey there fella, welcome to LB! I hope you make it out for longer next time! Your bike looks cool, nice colour choice

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome mate! Enjoy the site

Welcome to the site Paul, nice looking CBR