ntv 650 stolen croydon 6th-7th september

red ntv 650 stolen from croydon this morning/last night REG is P699 TGN

anyone in and around croydon can you keep a eye out please

its the one on the right in the photo

dude. was that your ntv? :frowning:

Blimey, they aren’t exactly desirable bikes are they…

Hope you get it back buddy. I know you grafted hard to buy that bike and get it on the road :frowning:

Unless you’re a self employed courier looking for parts…

Never ceases to amaze me the types of bike that get nicked. Seem to be a lot more unusual ones going lately.
Hope it’s found.
Stick it on here too:


Thanks for the replies but It was not my ntv it was one of my friends bikes my ntv is the one on the left in the photo.

My pal said there was a brand new fazer and 2 bmw bikes within 10 houses away so he only left it with the steering lock.

Some kids must of just walked past by luck and sore a easy steal.

Older bikes prob easier to hot wire.

sorry to hear this bud. did you pass your mod1?

Will keep an eye out when I’m out and about. What part of Croydon was it??