Now that was cold!

This morning I drove off and the freezing cold air that hit my body told me I hadn’t done up my jacket…so I reached down to pull up the zip, only to discover I had.

Any of you old hands going to tell me that wasn’t cold this morning? Feeling v lucky my commute is only 6 miles.

Nope, you’re right it was a little chilly, might have to wear my jacket tomorrow!!!:smiley:


I is freezing out there, even with lobster claw winter gloves my finger tips still froze.

I’m not surprised at all. Coming back from the gym last night the temperature sensors in the car was registering -8.5°C! Weather (excuse the awful pun) that is accurate or not I had to scrap ice from the inside of the car coming back.

It was minus 12 in Chesham Bucks last night:w00t:

That’s serious Long Johns weather:cool: