Now Home Secretary Slams Brunstrom

Controversial cop Richard Brunstrom has come under fire from the Home Secretary, John Reid for using images of a decapitated biker as part of a campaign launch.

Speaking last night, Reid said that North Wales Police’s decision to use the images of Mark Gibney’s body without getting his family’s permission was: “Insensitive.”
Reid went on to add that Brunstrom had: “Shown serious misjudgement.” According to the Liverpool Daily Post, Dr Reid made the remarks after meeting with Gibney’s constituency MP Bob Wareing last night.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has confirmed to MCN that it will be investigating complaints made about Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom.

The IPCC will be looking into Brunstrom’s actions in which he showed a room full of journalists shocking crash pictures of a decapitated motorcyclist without seeking prior consent from the family of the deceased.

Richard Offer from the IPCC said: “It could be independently investigated by us, a managed inquiry by us, a supervised inquiry by us or returned to the North Wales Police Authority for a local inquiry.”

Mr Wareing said: “The Home Secretary shared my concerns over this case. “He believes the actions of the chief constable were insensitive and he is in complete agreement with me that this was a serious misjudgement on the part of Mr Brunstrom to show this picture without getting the permission of the family of the deceased. However, Dr Reid can do very little immediately while the IPCC are considering the case, and even then he can only act where ‘operational incompetence’ has been found.”

Alhough Brunstrom in currently on holiday, his deputy, Clive Wolfendale said: “The Chief Constable and North Wales Police apologise to the Gibney family unreservedly, wholeheartedly and with sincere regret for the distress brought to them over the past few days. People may make their own judgment about how and why the issue came into the public domain but there is no doubt that this would not have happened had the decision not been taken to use the photographs.

“Accordingly, we extend our deepest sympathies to the Gibney family both for their loss and this most unwelcome addition to their grief. And for any actions by which the family believe we have let them down, we are sorry.”

However, Brunstrom’s belated apology, made through his deputy, has not moved the family of Mark Gibey. Paul Gibney, Mark’s brother said: “We will not, as a family, let this rest until this lunatic, who they call a chief constable is sacked. Resignation won’t be good enough."

Over 750 MCN readers have already registered to call for Brunstrom’s dismissal. If you’d like to add your name to the list, then email [email protected], now, with your full name and address.

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