Novice Track Day at Mallory Park - 03/08/12

Event Date: 03/08/2012
Day: Friday
Price per Rider: £89
Tempted to do a track day but not sure whether to take that first step well a Novice day is the ideal event for you. Mallory Park is a good track on which to to start your track riding and you will be in the company of riders at the same level of experience. With senior instructors on hand to provide guidance both on and off the track, and a format structured for Novices, you will be able to increase your confidence and maximise your enjoyment. Look out for the superb hire bike deals only available to Novices. If you have never completed a track day, or attended 3 or less, then this one is for you! If that is not enough you will be riding in the company of WSB Champion Neil Hodgson.

Who fancies it?

It’s a great little track with a sweeping right hander that lasts forever… Great for your first track day, no pressure to go fast just a great day out getting to know your bike better.


Mallory park is soooooooooo far…

So it’s just by Leicester? That’s Not all that far (from North London anyway :slight_smile: )

It’s not too far, it’s a nice ride up there after the motorway bit :-/

Last time I went up there I stayed in a 4 star hotel for £55, not bad. Nice and fresh for an 8.30am sign in.

Come on…

It’s up there somewhere… I think it took me about an hour and a bit to ride up there.

Something different to Brands, nice chicane, tight hairpin and a long sweeping bend

Andy, are you a regular Track goer? What you riding?


No, I’ve done the one LB Brands Evening, and low sided my CB1000R!

Will hopefully be sorting a track bike soon though and looking for a few interesting tracks :slight_smile:

Oh s**t, you and the bike ok?
What happened, did you lose the front?

Was that on Thursday? I was at Brands watching but left early…

Oh s**t, you and the bike ok?
What happened, did you lose the front?

Was that on Thursday? I was at Brands watching but left early…

I’m interested in Mallory - who’s it with to book with ? have done it before and its great fun probably do a travel-lodge or something the night before :slight_smile:

Good man! It’s with Focussed Events, it’s relatively cheap for a full day too. I’ll have a look at hotels next week and see what we’re looking at. I’m sure I only payed about £50 last time…

if its an overnight trip, sounds good to me

Yeah, we can head up there the afternoon before, plan a good route, chill in a hotel, get up in the morning fill up with unleaded and head down to Mallory for breakfast.

Go to Focussed Events to book it. The spaces will be disappearing

Also you can get a CD of about 30 professional photographs of you on track



I’m up for this, never done a trackday but want to give it a crack.

As the sign in is 8:30 am I will most likely head up the night before as mentioned, and stay in a hotel or with friends in Leicester.

Anything I need to think about before booking up? Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi mate, just need to have your driving licence handy, your tyres in good nic and you might want to bring some tape of some sort to cover your headlight and speedo.

You need to have leathers, 1-piece or a 2-piece that zips together.

Wing mirrors need to be folded in or removed.

There is fuel on site if you need and that’s it really.


anyone booked this yet ? just looked only 4places left and some fella called Neil Hodgson will be there on the day giving some advice :slight_smile: