Nov 1st run

Need to get in one last blast on my bike - say a sad farewell to her - she’s served me well, but it’s time to move on to a faster and younger model.

So, who’s up for some riding on Sunday? Could lead if I have to, though not going to be as fast as the Jets or as twisty…but will still make an effort to find some nice roads.

If there’s interest that is? So all you FWBs…the last sunshine before the winter closes in?

I’m all up for a rideout :cool: but the BBC says heavy rain this Sunday, may be if the clouds clear up :stuck_out_tongue:

Just checked forecast - guess will have to bin that idea. Shame.

Will just need to pop out tomorrow instead…anyone fancy a rideout - let me know


i’d like a good run
weather permitting:)

Tomorrow or Sunday?

im up for a ran this morning, have to be back for 2/3 ish:)

Meeting Rixxy at the Ace for 10am this morning…if anyone is off work and wanting to hit the road :slight_smile: - see you there.

Apologies to everyone stuck at work for what looks like the last decent days weather of year :wink:

(You can punch me next time we meet up)

:w00t: Will do :smiley:

I’m waiting for my scaffolding to come down, if it’s soon then I will hop on the Sprint up to Bedford Autodrome to watch Mark and the others on the trackday.

Bring my pack lunch :smiley:

Ha ha

How many times did I tell you this morning, take the stuff out the fridge?

Men pffff can’t do anything for themselves lol … George is enjoying your sarnies :smiley:

(and the scaffolding is STILL up) :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

Rixxy - enjoyed the run. That Ninja can fly man!

Cut down the M11 as I needed petrol and didnt think I’d make Potters Bar at the speeds we were going :wink: Fuel light had been “flashing” since Stansted.

haha it was a great run, glad i came out, nice coffee also, i will get down there one sunday when its not pissing down!

Yeah the ninja is pretty quick, still prefer my blade though.

Get her back friday so cannot wait!! See you again soon im sure!