Nothing to do wiv bikes....

I know it’s not bike related but look what i got today…

couple of fit little birds you got there mate.

chick and duck.

your names not joey or charndler is it HMMMMMMMMMMMMM:D

What have you called them … Lunch & Dinner!:stuck_out_tongue:

duck a la rich tea

Swimming in my butler sink! P.j you got it right lunch and dinner:D

The rubber ones are far less trouble :wink:

Grim you don`t say that about your Gimp mask.

Far less messy too! Thats made me feel hungry!:wink:

I certainly wasnt expecting that :P:P

Has Jetsteam hacked your computer and posting random comments? :wink:

Im off on hols soon, any chance my cats can come over and stay?

I’d call them Crispy and Madras;):smiley:

What`s a gimp mask?

aww thyre cute
tried seeing if the chick can swim yet?:stuck_out_tongue:

Right !! i have to go near Brands tomorrow, but when im finished there, i might just pop over and take a look cos they are sooooo cute !! plus im having withdrawal symptons from not seeing ur dog for ages !!! Might go Ace to meet up with Trisckie but want to see ur new babies too !!! :slight_smile: where do they stay at night…and please dont tell me u are going to eat them ??? nooooooooooooooooooooo :w00t:

Might feed up the duck for chrimbo…but the chick is a silkie bantam and is just there as a companion for the duck as they are to small to scoff not enough meat on it lol:D

Jules me dear you know your always welcome and yes you have’nt been over in ages!:Wow: