Notes for the Yamaha R1 squid in south London

Complete squid on the south circular road alert! I was in the car and saw other bikers steer clear of the mega squid.

This one - wearing non-CE protecting white ankle socks to match his gym shoes with laces straddling over the edge of his brake pedal; jeans and textile work jacket blasting at 60mph weaving in and out of right hand turning, left turning vehicles joining the road at a 30mph limit - whilst carrying a metal 70cm+ saw protruding from his rucksack.

A spill would either decapitate his head off or cut his balls off.

What on earth do people think when they ride a bike like that? :w00t:

Bloomin R1 riders :Whistling:

must ride faster? maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, I think they should all be banned - bloody hooligans.

That there will be fewer people on the Organ Donor list?

Natural selection!

should have told him his shoelace was undone :hehe: