not that much of a newb!? i hope :(

Hi all!
My name is rich, ive been riding a couple of different bikes (a mix of 2 & 4 strokes.) which all have been for offroading :smiley: which is my favorite type of riding. However, I have just aquired a 1978 kmx 125, for the road, and should be takeing my c.b.t next week.

My mate has a ybr on the road already and is waiting for me to join him… soo unfair, (as i’ve saved for my bike all on my tod, and his aunty has paid for his bike, insurance and provisional :frowning: ) Everyweek something else seems to go wrong, and its doing my head in. 2 weeks ago thought I would be riding, but discovered the stator plate needs changing due to the previous owner trying to prise it off with a screwdriver… got that sorted, and now i send off for my provisional, got it back with a letter saying i didnt send enough i.d. I dont get it?! it said i could send in a birth certificate!!!. Im gettin really aggrevated now and beginning to think its all a waste of time. what else can go wrong?
Here are sum pics of my bike.
Thanks for reading !






Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi Rich, welcome to the madhouse!!

Don’t worry about the hiccups, you’ll get there, it’ll soon all be a distant memory and you’ll be out enjoying the open road on your new bike!

Keep it shiny side up! :smiley:

Welcome to London Bikers.

Hello and welcome to LB:D


Welcome to LB :wink:

It’s worth it in the end :cool:

Hello :slight_smile:


Hi Rich


Hi Rich

Welcome to LB :smiley:

Welcome to LB.

Hi and welcome!

Hello and welcome to LB :smiley: