Not IAM or Rospa...

I’ve been riding for coming up to 4 years now. I’ve owned 6 bikes and must have covered over 35,000 miles. I’ve also done 9 track days in this time and a Police Bikesafe training session (and soon to do another).
My current bike (Yamaha R1) has been a revelation to me in that, because it is such a capable machine, it’s made me examine my riding, take a California Superbike School training session this year and read books on the science of biking like body positioning on the machine, weight distribution on the tyres etc.
I’m confident in my machine control, but I’m getting to the stage where my perceived experience is making me a bit cocky, and despite not having any scary moments for a long time, sometimes I worry what I do is a bit dangerous and my luck is soon to run out.
I’m looking for some road based training which isn’t about jumping through hoops and adhering to a strict way of riding. Riding is dynamic and the road environment around a rider is constantly changing so in my opinion, training which is too rigid is pointless.
I don’t care for certificates or qualifications as I’ve got my licence and that’s all I need. I just want a practical based training which deals with the realities of riding in congested cities, advice on filtering and an analysis of the road ahead of you which can be deciding factors in adjusting your riding at a particular time (things like mud suggestion tractors, smelling diesel before seeing it, a ball in the road suggesting children etc).
Any ideas?

Rapid Training… I’m in the process of booking with them and also know a few people who have trained with them and highly recommend it.

I’ve heard of them…Gonna look into it

Cheers for that :smiley:

Good on you mate, you have identified that we are probably at most danger to ourselves after we have had a bit of training and our perceived skill level is above that of our actual skill level.

As for training, dunno to be honest, keep doing the miles and keep evaluating your risk awareness.

Sure some of the IAM type folk will have a more definitive answer.

I’d be up for some more traing as well. Do let me know what you find out :slight_smile:

Having started riding in London in 1980 on my Superdream(wiped out in E17 in 1981 by drink driver) and (touch wood)survived this long so much of it is just down to acquired experience,learning to read peoples behaviour and anticipating what fool move they’re going to do next.

Complacency and over confidence are things to watch out for,certainly when filtering.Training is certainly worthwhile,I’m not member of Rospa or IAM,but having been driving to “the system” since 1985 due to my occupation,if you get my drift it does help.Certainly out of town in the twisties road positioning is essential and will naturally improve your cornering and your speed in bends as you can apply the power much earlier if you can see whats happening earlier than someone in the wrong position,and it looks so much better than someone doing the 50p line around a nice bend.

Anyway thats enough,back to last nights washing up:D

Hi Afro,

Am sure you’ve heard me say it before, but I would recommend eamg or other like minded clubs.

Whilst they do train people to do their IAM, it is not compulsory and basically up to you whether you do it, but they wont not help if you decide not to take it.

It is a social club who partake in the furtherance of roadcraft.

A social evening once a month, followed by a days riding with an IAM observer. They dont just take you through the country twisties.

If you dont want to do the actual test, that’s fine.

They do well organised trips to France, week long holidays in Wales (where they have proper roads).

I dont know where you are in london, but they meet once a month in chelmsford. The next meet is next Tuesday.

I dont know whether Sneaky is going, he takes the more interesting and scenic route than me, but I’ll be going also.

Think there are a few members from LB, eg Python, AbbeyJ etc…

well id be up for this too. Ive been riding for 6 years, but only on my full licnce for 18 months. Im the same, feeling a bit cocky and wonder whens it my turn?. Ive got a bikesafe booked up this month which im really looking forward too. I would love to get some extra on the road training, and personally think winter is the best time to learn as the conditions are more treacherous.

If you can afford it rapid training as above is probably most suited to what you want (from what little I know about them).

But why knock IAM/Rospa before you try them?

If you get a good group I’m sure you would be able to take away what you want from it. (eg. there’s nothing illegal when they teach you to ride the twisties at 60mph - and in your own time you can relate that to commuting at whatever speed you ride at.)