NOT Happy with the brakes on my 09 R1

Hi there guys,

I have a 09 model R1 and Im not to impressed with the brakes… I would like to fit some higher performing brake pads… Can anyone make any recommendations and teh pro’s and cons of them…

Cheers Guys.

i’ve always used the ebc hh sintered on my 675, much better than the stock ones i find

EBC HH’s and braided lines. sickpup on here sell’s hell ones, give him a PM, im sure he can sort you out with the pads aswell :slight_smile:

Another vote for EBC HH, but many people recommend Bendix MRR pads too.

If you wanna improve the stock brakes then you want Goodridge braided hoses and decent sintered pad like the ones mentioned.

Usually the first mod I do to my bikes.

PM me if you need a hand.

Braided lines will make absolutely no discernible difference on a 09 plate bike - I find it hard to believe that the brakes are no good, I would imagine it’s more likely the pads are glazed - would be worth scrubbing them on a flat paving slab, give the discs a light going over with emery paper and see how it feels.
Braided lines will look nice but will not improve the performance of the brakes on a new bike.

in terms of pads the Bendix MRR ones afro mentioned work great on road and track.

have to agree on the view that the standard brakes on the 09 r1 shouldn’t be an issue.

i was taken for a pillion ride round Donington by James Toseland on the same bike and he had no trouble getting it stopped!

when do you actually experience the problem with the brakes?

yes the brakes are crap at low speed, they feel wooded.

but they work well at high speed. you need a pad with high intial bite.

Like bendix or PF

Having had the 06 , 08 models prior to buying the 09 model I no there not very good… With the 08 model i had so much confidence in the brakes. Even before putting on braided hoses. With the 09 , i just find that they dont perform aswell. I think that its the extra 30kg the 09 models gained… Im going to change the pads and hoses and see if there is any improvement…

On reflection, I would try bleeding in new fluid like Dot 4 Motul, and try rubbing down the pads with something like 1200 grit paper (like gurninman suggested) first before spending real money.

It could be that the bike wasn’t PDI’d very well before you got the keys.

If you’re still not happy, then secondly, I would change the pads as these will make the biggest difference I believe.

Nothing wrong with the brakes on the 09. Proof here.


you need these… :wink:

you need £1500 then :w00t:

you could try some of these, I can stand that Busa on its nose with 1 finger. :slight_smile:



ummm nice!!

start saving COLLETT :wink: the ones on my bike ar m4 monoblocks there £660