not good news re:got sv back today !!!!

well charged battery up,put new clutch cable on and started her up ticking over well took it for a spin came back not happy said to my mate you have a go it fells slow to me(not forgetting i have not ridden for a year so it should have felt fast).
so my mate who is very well know to tts builds a lot of engines,very clever man had a go and come back and said it is **** it is slower then it was before the work was done.
as my dyno sheet said 75bhp but the we looked at my old dyno sheet from 2002 it was 72bhp then,which was done by my mate dave rossiter who did ryan harris winning sv.
so we had a look at the pistons(spark plug out)the big bore pistons are in,so next we took a rocker cover off,
the rear cams have been set up on the front cam marks, so this means the front and rear cams are set up on the same front t.d.c making.
as i have put in a k3 inlet cam so we dont know what the set up is ment to be,we they should be set up the same front and rear on differant timing marks.
the funny thing is the shop say it is making good power on the dyno,we both said it has never been on the dyno as the dyno sheet does not have my name or reg on the dyno sheet.
so not only have i paided good money for this **** job but they have lied to me about the power and the dyno run.
my friend is going to ring themm for me tomorrow as i will start ranting and he has all the knowledge of these these things’will post out come tomorrow if the say that they are going to put it right thats all well and good free of charge.will not put name off compony up till the out come has been sorted.

Hope it gets sorted man keep us posted but maybe you should post the shops name as a warning to other LB members

will do if they are not going to sort it