Not another one

Hi everyone, the name is colin and live in Finsbury Park. I do the daily commute into the Virgin Megastore in Piccadilly Circus on my DRZ sm. I’ll post some pictures soon but really just wanted to say hello to everyone and safe riding.

Hello Colin.

Welcome to LB

Used to live in Finsbury Park - Welcome aboard

Hello and welcome to the mad house…

Welcome to LB - I’ve also live in Finsbury Park!

hello mate mine’s a pint of methanol…

welcome to lb colin,i like the drz but being a very short arse cant touch the floor hehe.

Hi Colin and welcome aboard, i have never lived in Finsbury Park.

Hi Colin

Welcome to LBs

I’ve driven and rode past Finsbury Park.


welkom komrade, so thats u who wizzes past me everytime. welcome.,welcome

Hiya, just wanted to thank you all for the warm welcome