Not again!!

Two years ago the bike flew back from Dakar needing work, so I delivered it into a garage. Just in time for the Februray snowstorm that shut most of the SE. Typical, thought I. By the time it was ready the garage had a foot of snow.

Last month the bike flew back from Manama, with a few serious problems that I’ve been fixing in the carpark. Got it all sorted finally. Imagine my excitement last night, as I prepped the bike for the first ride since mid-October! I was like a child trying to sleep on Christmas eve. No more cycling!!!

I don’t need to tell you what the weather was like this morning.

On both these occasions I still rode the bike, but my goodness did I struggle with self-restraint on the throttle. Hardly the crispy dry road I was dreaming of :frowning:

Bring on the dry roads Please weatherlady!!
Bring on the dry!

That’s Why You Have KTM Bike For All Weather’s ??? Good to see you back on the road Martin

Woohoo! Dont deny it you love the snow :smiley: I wish i could be out on the snow :frowning: :crying:

yeah surely this weather is ideal

dont worry soon youll be the only one at BM :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahaha! HARSH! :stuck_out_tongue: