Norzuki re-build

ooOOooOoo I like that! :smiley:

Took the beastie to boxhill today, got alot of interest as she flirted with the punters.She is running abit hot and maybe i need to think of adding a secoundary cooler in, but dont really know where to locate it, couple of pics and another short vid taken by the boy as i came home.





In the secound pic you can see where the Dentman has added the Dents for the increase turning lock, topman, it has really improved manouverability

Fantastic! :cool:

see this tonight at the ace ,feking sweet…nice job steve:)

Been out to a classic bike and car show today, chatting away to one of the workers from Greenford Musuem bout nortons and shit, dropped into the converstaion that i had a modified Norton kinda like a modern day Triton but with a twist and said that maybe i wouldnt be welcome, he saya nope all welcome, then i told him what it was!!! he looked at me with a blank expression look and then a your a **** liar look, so called the boy over as he has the vid clips on his iphone, fella watches in silence and then wags his finger at me saying dont ever bring that thing anywhere near his musuem, me and the boy absolutley pissed ourselves

But I do understand, these boys treat the brits as they should be and i am grateful to be able to look at them, without some wanker {me} ripping them to bits.

Norzuki featured in this months streetfighter mag 15 pics over 5 pages, made up with that, big thanks goes out to Rob Irving and the streetfighter staff.

Took the bike to Ken Cooper and he waved his magic wand over the carbs, the beastie now produces a gnats cock under 130BHP, not massive i know but from a 24 year old engine in a 53 year old frame :smiley: