NORTH WEALD...sunday 11th may

HI anyone going to burn up the strip at north weald ??

Planning to go in June with the Dax.

yep i will be there

Bike or car ?

yes a word of warning to the guys that have not drag raced on a runways before your times will not read as well as the would at santo pod or on tarmac.

and also north weald will rip your rear tyres to shreads as in is concreate.

Both will be there.

Just wondering if AndyP was taking his bike or car. Been before and plan on going in June with my car, first time since the conversion.

well untill this morning i was taking both car and bike but now found out ive lost the driver for the car, so it looks likei will be taking the car now.

Anybody else going on a bike ?

Ia that in Epping???

I would love to come but i`m going to Willows farm with the kids today.