North London Riders

Any North London riders out there?

Hi btw! Looking forward to joining you guys!

Welcome to LB. Don’t forget to have a good look around at the Galleries and articles too!

I’m Bucks but there must be loads in N London.

West siiiiiiiide represent,

der iz some norf Laandon bwoyz tryin to step over, get me leike.


anyway, doesn’t matter, Every Friday, Soho, be there… Frith Street

Following from Steves post…

What iz the name of ur manor in Norf Londan? (What part of london are you from?)

Wot motobizzi do u ride? (what bike do you ride?)

Ders enuf of us Norf Londan boyz up in ere n we keep in secand gea blud!!

Hey! Welcome to LB mate! SE London here!

Hi mate you will generally find that all the cool people with riding skills that even put Rossi to shame in fact live in North London, mainly the Barnet area

Welcome to LB

I am past North London in Watford and to ride in Barnet you do need more skills then Rossi.

Us Enfield bikers do go to Barnet occasionally, but only under protest.

Archer and Flick are Norf too. Must be loads of us.


Just kiddding badger welcome aboard just watch that snap one his is a ruffty tuffy biker kind you know eats ya mirrors while your not looking

Barnet only got status when I worked there… gone down hill (dollis valley style) since then

North london up in here…Well Enfield…middlesex

Norfolt where da rude boyz come frm innit blud.

errmmmmm yeah. hi.

Nice impressions…of

ermm… of someone whos stuck a whole load of winegums in their mouth!

But dont be dissin nanas ruuuwd byoz down here or man demz gonna get merced! Dupz childs…

Jokes aside, nice meetin you all… seem like a good bunch!

At the moment I dont ride a bike, till summer that is once I get the cbr600f im after. Till then, im looking for someone who can pillion me around to the meets! Any one?

Good choice in bike but there a pain to work on lol.

Yep were all looking for someone to ride pillion join the que