Norman the Newbie

Hi LB.First I want to thanks Foxy for making a ride back on the M3 a bit more fun than usual and introducing me to LB :smiley:

I am Michael. Got to London 3 years ago and bought a Bike right away. 2003 636 Ninja. I loved that bike, but in February 3 guys and a van tought that they needed the bike more than me, so they toke it off my hands :angry:

Lucklywise I got the insurance money after just 4 weeks, so now im riding a 2006 Blade and what a fun bike!

I am originally from Denmark which holds Carlsberg, Blond girls and is the most taxed country in the world.

Infact the Blade cost ยฃ23.000 in Denmark, just another reason to love the UK even more.

I am up for meeting other bikers, ride outs and trackdays and ofcourse a lot of bike talk. I am not very familiar with the roads outside London, so hoping to follow along on some ride outs.

See ya tonight at Borough Market :cool:


Michael Norman

hej hej mate, welcome :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to LB micheal

Howdy Norman :slight_smile: