Nordschleife Nurburgring Early May

I was thinking to go to Nordschleife in first week of May.
Plan is simple leave early Friday morning, get to Calais by train, then longish ride to Germany(mainly staying out from motorways). Saturday get some track time, for me probably up to 4 laps. May 1st to -4th are Green light driving days.(open to public)
Current price is 27eur per lap. (You get discounts if you take more x4, x9, x25… or annual pass :D)
Sunday head home. Train in the evening.

Would anyone would be interested in such a adventure?

Sounds awesome Eddie unfortunately getting that sort of time off with a young family is difficult for me so I’ll have to swerve.

Hope I get to ride with you soon though bud as I enjoyed our last one back in October :cool:


11 of us going in August oh yes :smiley:

I might be joining that one too,(If you accept additional riders that is :slight_smile: ), when about ur going?

Message sent

PM me Steve, 11 is a big group, but me and a mate might join you there for some laps / beers

we already got a slug Blade coming !!! pmsl

we all booked into hotel in Simmerath so can do some touring around the area as well we going Fri 15th and back Mon 18th Aug will find my Fb link for ya

Got it ta, ill ask me mate if he is up for “some Ring action”, lets hope we don’t get our wires crossed :slight_smile:

You will love it.

Love the vids PJ!!

Might try and do a long weekend break with a day at the ring, then follow the mosel to the B500 using one of Robs routes :slight_smile:

All this “Burg” talk is getting me thinking… Mmmmmmmmmm–n5TjFLOHQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player

The ring is nuts! Feels like being in a video game :smiley:

Eddie you may be a bit young for that group. :smiley:

I may be doing it on the weekend of 05/09/2014 . Will be a few of us on it if it gets sorted. Ride there fri, ride back sun. No vans/trailers. Being sensible lol

cheeky b’stid :D:D

ya can all bugger off then unless you coming on an XX :P:P…or in a van to pick up the pieces :w00t:

Forget the “Ring” - just ride the B265, B258 and B259 :slight_smile:


already planning most of that route going across to Bonn follow Moselle to Koblenz then some twisties back to Simmerath