nooobieeee :)

Hello people, im glen, i moved down to london for uni and decided to buy a bike again.

its been a couple of years since i had a bike and my first ride was Brighton (where i bought it) to east London. sooooo happy to be back on a bike.

i did have a look at the forum and the OMC sounds great, i lost all my tools in the divorce lol. im sure ill be seeing you guys soon.

This is my new baby ZX7R XD

Hi and welcome to LB…

Welcome to LB mate!

Welcome to LB

hello hello hello

thank you all, hopefully get to know some of you over the “summer” then :slight_smile:


welcome aboard glen. i like your bike btw. :cool:

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

heya thanks i like it too, zx7r was a bit of an adolescent dream now come true, i have a few plans for her but my student budget is limited. but i think i can hack the mud guard off the back ok. mind you first thing is getting the front brakes to stop juddering, im thinking warped disk… cough OMC cough :slight_smile: weirdest thing is it clicking every full revolution of the front wheel. other than that shes great:)

welcome :slight_smile:

Nice bike!

Liking the bike

Hello and welcome to LB :slight_smile: