noobie bike commuter, 40miles a day 8-|

Hi there - just another noobie bike commuter: probably the bane of everybody’s lives: L plates, inexperienced, BMW C1 125… at least with 40 miles per day from Surrey to the docklands every day, I’ll (a) get lots of experience and (b) have an incentive to get my full license and a bigger bike (like a C1 200cc :D)…


Those are the bikes with ‘stabilizers’ aren’t they?

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile: Igore the n00ber above me :smiley:

I see your 40 and raise it in total to 76:D. I go from Surrey to East London.

I get bored on gixer thousand, sod that on a 125:D

Welcome dude.

hi, welcome :DIs yours the kind of bike with the windscreen wiper?I am now down to a 150 mile a week commute instead of a 460 !

ouch… I’m also going to Canary Wharf, but starting closer to Wimbledon than Waterlooville…

+1 Always causing trouble that one :smiley:

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

windscreenwipers, bah… mine has windscreenwipers with jet washers, targa (glass) roof, heated hand grips, heated seat, cubby hole with 12v socket for my phone charger, toolkit in the backrest, etc, etc…

I’m not sure if the aircon is working though… I must ask BMW to check that.

haha hello and welcome i know what u ride and i wish i could have 1 when its raining :stuck_out_tongue: i also commute to the wharf but its only 25 miles a day 4 me :smiley:


You wait 'til I see you two! :cool:

Ello and welcom fellow 125-er :slight_smile:

Shhhhhh… (remember that thing I told you about scooters & mopeds. You know, the secret hand shakes and stuff) :cool:

Err nothing to see here everyone… move along :Whistling:

I think I need to learn to filter first (without “soiling” myself) before I’m allowed to know any secret handshakes…

Well if you do there must be a gadget in that contraption to change your nappy for you:D:D

Welcome to LB:hehe:

its a BMW - its supposed to be soaked in pi$$ :smiley:

Edit: I also have a BMW. There, that feels better.

Welcome To LB. Now You Can See How Sad Some Of Us Can Get With You Newbies Sorry Fo That.

Looking forward to it ;):stuck_out_tongue: