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Non universal fit (expanding type) brake lever guard

Hi, does anyone know if non universal fit brake lever guards exist? They all seem to be the expanding type but I currently have r&g bar end sliders that screw into the stock Honda CBR600RR ('06) inner weight via a long bolt.

I’m thinking there won’t be enough space for the inner weight unless I remove it but then I will get more vibration through the bar.


Given the age and potential market I very much doubt anyone is making the specifically for an 06 600RR.

Have you tried calling R&G to see if they do a compatible guard to match the sliders.

Unless you’re racing they’re going to be off much benefit on the road.

Good idea… I will drop them an email.

It’s for the occasional track day and in my mind, if I have to use the universal fit type, I’d have to completely remove the inner weight to fit the guard. And then I’m not sure if I’d have to do the same on the clutch side for it not to feel “lop sided”.

Whereas if I can unscrew the bar end and attach the guard, it would be much easier.

Any good for ya? If it’s not what you’re after then it might be worth dropping UKRS a message and see what they can suggest.

Edit - I didn’t see the NON universal bit in your post, so this’ll probably be sodall use to you :roll_eyes:

Thanks @Janey but as you say it’s also a universal fit.

I’m not sure if the pics will show properly but my set up only has a short bar end (item #11) due to the OEM inner weight (item #10) so the universal fit will be too long.

I am not really understanding this, and yet I want so ask whether buying fully threaded bolts for the inner weight then cutting down to size for the guards might be an answer?

Maybe I’m over complicating this… And I can just not use the expanding mechanism and the existing bolt that screws into the inner weight.

The problem I have (apart from being clueless) is with the expanding mechanism, there won’t be enough space for that AND the inner weight.

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I understand now, but unfortunately I have also remembered my idea will not work.

The inner weights sit free inside the bars, so the Honda bar ends are shaped to ‘lock’ onto the them. That way you can hold it still to remove the bolt, otherwise they will just rotate rather than loosen. The R&G sliders for Honda bikes have the same shape, but it is unlikely anything universal will not. So even if you can tighten them, they will probably never come off.

I would try contacting someone like R&G to see if any of their models for other Honda bikes will work with yours. I would think the bike specific aspects of them might just be the style and size rather than the mount. And that will not be any more of a comprise than using something universal.

Otherwise just replace the weights with some cheap bar ends, go for a ride, and see how it feels. Maybe the vibration will not be a problem that you do not need the weights.

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Thanks @Michael for the detailed response. I dropped R&G an email but I’m not hopeful :frowning:

The bike had universal ‘RR bling’ bar ends when I bought it (years ago). I actually converted it back to OEM inners + R&G to improve the vibration.

Oh well, I don’t have a track day booked anyway so plenty of time to get it sorted.

The Honda bar end weight mechanisms were not designed to come off, be replaced or played with. You can replace the outer weight as you’ve done with sliders but replacing the inner mechanism can have an adverse effect. The inner mechanism is a coiled spring damper which has tabs that fit inside securing holes in the bars and when the bar end weight/slider is fitted everything locks in place.

To remove the inner coiled spring damper you must first remove the handlebar grips so you can depress the tabs in order to release and pull the damper out. You can’t fit the after market lever guards without removing the spring damper because there is not enough room for the expanding fitting or, if you try bolting the after market lever guards directly into the spring damper without the expanding fitting you will not get sufficient clamp between the parts.

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You can remove the clips from the insides with a screwdriver. Not the easiest but it can be done. Whether there there will be space between the weight and any third-party end will depend on the design. From the diagram above showing the guard recessing it should fit.

But I went the other way as I replaced my happy-to-bend Honda bars with Renthal equivalents. But they are thicker with a smaller inner diameter, so neither Honda inner weights nor normal bar ends will work. So I used some of expansions bolts, wrapped in a bit of amalgamated tape, and some long bolts cut to size, so I could use the Honda bar ends. All good, and was even able to later attach some basic universal hand guards over them too.

Thanks all - I feel this is falling into the “too hard” pile for now and I will revisit if the track day itch gets too much!

find a local welder, take your bar end off and have them weld a piece of steel rod sticking out :stuck_out_tongue:

So, I had the same conundrum, and have done it!

I’ve bought an Oxford nylon one ignored the expanding bit and just bolted it to the bar weight.
The mounting looks a bit bad as it’s expecting to mesh with it’s bracket, but this can be sanded down if needed, and I’m not sure if it’s held in place as well, but it feels secure.
The guard is supplied with an m8 bolt, but the bar end weight uses m6, so I’ve put the m6 with a washer, and it’s only held there by friction from the bolt (as it has nothing to mesh with). Im not sure it would work with heavier metal guards either.
I’ve not ridden with it yet, MOT is Saturday and can give you feedback after that, then I’m at snnetterton Monday week so can update from track of needed.

N.b. I accidentally bought a left sided one, so it’s on upside down.

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That doesn’t look too bad… I wonder if it will turn around with use? Hope you get through scrutineering at Snetterton :slight_smile:

No scrutineering as such, but they do a visual check it’s there before you leave the pit each session, abs this was fine.

Done a couple of hundred miles now (107 of these on track) and it’s been fine, only moved when I put my helmet on the bars, and then I just moved it back