Nolan Ncom 103 Helmet & bluetooth

Thinking of changing my helmet and fancied a flip face one.

Looking at the Nolan 103 and getting the bluetooth comms bit as well also considering the Caberg ones but most reviews seem to be bad on wind noise.

Not sure which colour yet though





the colors are ugly!! :cool:

I’ve got an N102 with Ncom.

As far as I can see it’s like the N103 but with an external sun visor rather than the 103’s internal one. I prefer the external visor as I find it easier to flip up and down with gloved hands (but others will swear that the internal visor is much better. Some N101/102 users have said that they’ve had problems with the visor flipping down at high speeds when they didn’t want it to. I’ve never had this, so can’t comment).

I like the N-com. Had a Scala Rider BTooth set before, but it was only a mono version, so the (stereo) Ncom was a huge improvement on that.

Downsides of the ncom/N102, imho, are:

  • it’s v expensive, and only fits (some) Nolan lids. Can’t swap it between other lids.

  • makes you more wary about leaving your lid somewhere (e.g. I often leave mine behind the desk at museums when we’re on touring hols and the bike’s full of gear) without popping the Ncom bit out.

  • putting the ncom bit into the helmet actually makes the lid a little noisier. I wear plugs anyway, so this isn’t an issue.

  • on my N102 (and Mrs BBs’ N101) in persistant HEAVY rain, I’ve had the problem a couple of times where rain runs in between the inner visor and the outer visor. This only happens when you lift the visor a little (when you crack it open a touch to let some air in)

  • a bit difficult to operate the ncom with thick gloves on. No probs with summer gloves

Upsides are:

  • it’s a good lid. Well finished, and comfy (for my head. Heads may vary) Mine’s coming up to 4 yrs old and has worn really well

-the insides pop out easily for washing (even with the Ncom wires fitted. The helmet inner sits over the top of the wires)

I know I’ve put more downsides than upsides, but I really like my nolan and would buy another one.

Also, do check whether your phone or satnav or whatever uses btooth to send its sound signals. On my phone, it uses BTooth to send phone signals, so I can pick up calls on my helmet, but it doesn’t use Btooth to send Windows Media Player signals (so I have to use the wired connection to listen to music on the go, which is no great problem, but I didn’t realise that until after I bought the ncom kit)

+1. There are other patterns (and plain colours) though. I’m a boring old git and tend to have plain white helmets, so it’s no probs for me.

black and white!!


Yep, but hopefully noticeable to the cagers.

Want to be nice and high viz this winter, don’t want to give them any excuse for “not seeing me”

Also going to go get myself the Hein Gericke HG cruise GTX daylite jacket at the end of the month. Will also be useful for the trips over to Paris now :slight_smile:



I think your right, it will go best with the jacket

Well looks like I’ll have to wait a while for the helmet

Ive got the N84 nolan not a flip front but very quiet, jeez you get that jacket n dayglo derek (kevsta) got competition :w00t:

We can have a glo off :smiley: