noisey engine

I have a gsxr 600 k7, does anyone have a slight rattle from the cam area at about 4000revs. it went back to the dealer under warranty and they say its the character of the bike?

haha they always say that!!my 05 750 rattles here there and everywhere…

but its done 26000 hard miles…

dont worry about it if it blows up they have to fix it…

My R1 bent all 20 valves, at 6000 miles…they rebuilt it but not before they asked how many track days it had done…and at that time non…they said that the big ends and main bearings were well worn for a bike with only 6k on it…hmm and i thought yamahas were supposed to be good.

Does the rattle go away when the clutch is pulled in?

If so then it’s nothing to worry about as the clutch plates do rattle in the basket usually. They have on most of the bikes I’ve owned.

it rattles at spot on 4grand and they cant hear it or rectify it on road test. finding another suzuki dealer

I have a GSXR600K7, got about 1,400 miles on now, so getting really used to it. Mine has not so much as a rattle as a light soft tapping at low revs. Could be the same…

About being the clutch, my clutch fell apart at about 1,000 (as in the locking nuts fell off, so the plates fell off the sprag, leaving me with no clutch, approaching a roundabout!) AA sorted me at the side of the road.

Not worrying too much about it just yet, but keeping an eye (or an ear) on it. Just loving that bark as you down shift though:D

I’m worried, everyone tells me gixers are bullet proof machines with a pucka engine.

They are pretty much bomb proof mate but nothing is 100%, don’t worry Crystal;)

I’ve had my K4 for almost a year now and put 12k on it, gets used 7 days a week and all I’ve not had 1 problem touch wood! Only thing that happened was 1 of the mirrors came loose and fell off on the way to work - I love it :smiley:

haha the mirror on my gixer blew off to :slight_smile: im so used to having one now i wouldnt go back to two!!

the engines are more or less bomb prof but like all mechanical objects the will fail at some point, its no if its when.

theres a lad on gixer junkies with 60000 miles on his k4 600 and still going strong.

there was a thing i a bike mag i saw a while back think it was PB or fast bikes.

there drained the oil and coolant out of this sports bike, cant remember the bike…

then they started it and held it on the rev limiter until it died, about 6 mins.

the header pipes were glowing white hot… it popped and hissed and finally gave up after 6 mins on the rev limiter.

they let it cool down put some more oil and coolant in it and it started first time…