Noco warranty

Anyone had the need to claim for a noco product? My Genius2 charger gave up the ghost last week after just over a year. Just keeps blowing the plug fuse even when not connected to the battery. Been dealing with Noco directly as Amazon just kept pointing me at them. Didn’t realise they are based on Ohio!!

Just been asked to send a pic of the charger with both cables cut. Assume will get a replacement/voucher, later would be good as thinking of the larger 5 would be a useful upgrade if I drop a few quid on top.

I had an issue with mine about 2 weeks before warranty expired. I have to say they were great, I had to show I’d scratched off the serial number, as soon as I’d done that they sent me a new one.

As the support is US based this is why they ask for this, otherwise you’d have to pay all the shipping.

So, given my experience I’d cut it and await my replacement. Not sure if you say can I pay a little extra would you send the 5, but could always get the replacement 2 and sell that.


Good to know. I’ve got a load of Noco gear. Thankfully I’ve not had an issue with any of it so far.

I think that destroying stuff is common with American firms. A colleague of mine had to show that he’d destroyed his Marshall headphones before they’d ship him a new set. He broke them down into separate components.

New charger received 3 days after sending the proof of the leads being cut. Pleased with the support and resulting service, so a thumbs up from me!!


Had that when I had the option of taking my old laptop from a firm. No data could leave the building, so they got a bag of smashed hard drive platters and a snapped controller board.