No returns... No idea... No route...

Okay all… seeing as everyone seemed to enjoy the ride i took last sunday here is the plan for this one…

Depart 0420 from errm, lets go for collier row…

Yet another water crossing…

Visit to Brugge then from there… The only plan is to get to willingen via some random route to play on the mountain roads

The intention to finish up on some camp somewhere in Germany…

So come on then, whos up for it?


Seems an early start.:slight_smile: Sponsor me on the link in the sig and I’ll be there:P

surely you mean 4.20pm…


Errm… nope… Think you should come along to this one :wink: ha ha

a rideout starting at 4.20 in the morning…no point even going to bed.

now what can we do to keep me awake all night?

any ideas?


Ooh, i do :wink: You can show me how you like getting wet seeing as you didnt like the ford option :w00t:

oh goodie!

are we going to throw water balloons at each other all night?


Bon Voyage ASBO, ride safe tomorrow :slight_smile:

Safe trip! :smiley:

Will be waiting now for a confused run part 2 when you get back! :smiley:

If thats how you like to get wet, yes :smiley:

Well that ride went well… not

Got a flat friggin tyre and didnt even realise untill i went to fill up somewhere in france. Have to admit even though the tyre was redders and pretty well melted it held up pretty well. Anyway i filled it with that tyre weld stuff and then took the direct route back to camp :crying:


oh dear :frowning:

Not good mate, but glad u noticed it prior to any incident occurring!