No Red Arrows at 2012 Olympics

Looks like the Red Arrows won’t be performing at the 2012 Olympics in London because they are a sign of military power etc etc blah blah There’s a petition that probably won’t have any effect but might be worth signing it just in case :wink: What do they think the shotput and javlin started as ? :w00t:

hehehe i had to snaz my vote up a bit so i went for the name

Ben Dover how childish of me lol

Signed, that’s just dumb.

I saw their documentary they are the cream of RAF. I want my son to join them also

I signed up. Its outrages that they wont` let the Arrows fly at the Olympics for being to British, what country do these lefty women in comfortable shows think we live in.

i signed up, i am sure it will make a difference, yeah right:hehe:

load of ******, does any1 else get the feeling that the 2012 olympics is gonna be about every over country and not this 1?

I didnt fvcking want it here anyway, no1 asked me! lol

They did a 20 minute display at the Isle of Wight Festival this year.

Even the hippies loved it.

Maybe the truth is that the MOD can’t afford to keep the Red Arrows going till 2012. It would be a real shame if that was the case.

Andy (last of the patrots):slight_smile:

heard about this a while ago, its ******* stupid!! they are quality to watch!! the pilots themselves are absolute peenaarrses though!! but should def be involved in the olympics!!:smiley: