No more newbie crutches

No more newbie crutches

As of 11am yesterday I retired my newbie crutches its a bit of a shame really as after 3months they felt like a part of me…Oh well

Doc said to take it easy, so im doing as im told for once in my life

So who’s ready to be beating with my good old newbie stick!

Hehe, congrats DA, slowly but surely, eh!

I assume the new stick will be carbon like yer ride!!

Oh of course only the best sticks for our newbies

Glad you’re now on three legs rather than four, will be much better to be on two, and even better to be back on two wheels!

Note that I will be sending all newbies some extra armour if I get to them first - those crutches really hurt and I bet you’ll get even better aim with the stick!

Me and the newbie sticks go back along way Chocciemuffin my aim is perfect armour is pointless… Resistance is futile

No one can resist the power of the carbon Newbie Stick…

Glad your getting better!

so is the bike as ready as the owner ???/

Check out my ride in the sports bike section

Im not ready yet ankle is not flexible enough yet get me a week or two