no more annoying tourists asking you for directions

Acrossair processes GPS data and information from an iPhone’s accelerometer - the component that measures the amount that a device is tilted.

It analyses the camera image then tells you which direction to go in to reach the nearest stations.

F*cking hell! :w00t:

It’s a cool concept eh. I’ve been waiting for this stuff to jump out of sci-fi books for years! It’s a great tech path, I can’t wait to see how it develops.

So is this app out yet?

That’s pretty cool.
I was sent this video earlier this year, it’s a bit boring to start with but it’s got some good ideas on wearable tech and interacting with it.

its still in development… they say next few months

Ive had to deal with lots of tourists 2day :frowning: and there are still plenty coming into the restaurant :frowning:

Awesome app – let’s hope it works quicker than most GPS apps on the iPhone!

Loved the TED video – some superb ideas but I think most is a long way off unless we trade higher computing power for less operating time – I’m sure you can do everything they suggest, but you’d have to recharge your phone every hour . . !