Nitron Shocks, are they good?

I am considering buying a Nitron shock for my Tuono. Has anyone used the mor know if they are good?


Very good have used them both on road and now have one on my track bike. :slight_smile:

yes there top notch but you get better resale value on Ohlins…

Mate of mine, Gary races on one on his SV. Seems to really like it :wink:

Before splashing out on a new shock, what’s wrong with the one you have now? I’ve got an RSV1000R which is fitted with a Sachs unit. Isn’t your Tuono fitted with same unit? If it is, it’s probably more than good enough for road use, unless you’ve worn it out, of course. :wink:

Ride4Fun. The Tuono is fitted with the Sachs shock but it’s a lower spec version than you get on the RSV. Plus mine is 3 years old and I weigh 15 stone so it struggles to cope. I’ve had it adjusted at Southern Cross and it still isn’t quite right. Anyway, it’s fun adding upgrades to your bike isn’t it?

Well, it seems an upgrade is a good idea, then :slight_smile:

Of course upgrades are fun…just wish they weren’t always so blooming expensive! :stuck_out_tongue:

So, when are you going to fit some Ohlins forks? :wink:

I would love some Ohlins forks, it’s unfair you get those on the RSV! The front forks on the Tuono are actually ok, I have considered getting them rebuilt as a cheaper alternative to replacing them.

Bought a nitron 2nd hand for a ZX636 back along - superb shock, needed a correct spring rate then it really worked!
Great value second hand if you can find one…

Sorry for bumping up an ancient post, but I’m looking for people’s opinions specifically on the Nitron Sports shocks.

I’m planning to get the one on the blade replaced at some point. I am aware that it’s 1-way adjustable only; compression and rebound are adjusted proportionally using one dial. Am I right in thinking that it’s not an emulsion shock since the description states that the nitrogen and oil are seperated by a piston/plate?

IF anybody does have the basic £300 sports shock, tell me what differences it made to your bike (and what bike you have for that matter). I only do my riding on the road. It’s probably worthwhile investing in it rather than getting a second hand stock showa unit off ebay and getting it serviced.