made you look!!!


damn and I thought there would be a pic of the Speedbleed brake nipple.

Expecting to see a pic of some place in Italy

And how many more times am I gonna fall for these pranks…

er,charlie,have i seen this b4 or am i seeing double!!?

Damn false alarms

Plenty to get your teeth into there SP

“I havent seen a nipple like that one for a while Mr Scaramanga”

Now your talking SP!!! Have you got any pictures of them all greased up???

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm greasy nips


I just couldn’t control the urges. The voices made me do it.


What a luvly pair tho.

now if id done that andrew would have it off the screen quicker than an ethiopian with a dinner ticket

PMSL. Brilliant!

hehehehehe, LMFHO

Where is the grease??

You laugh too soon



DrEvil _orig.jpg

Think, that’s me told.

Naughty naughty boy.

See Flats, you not the only one.

anyway don’t tell him Flats but get my own back on him on the st george day ride out by lettin his tyres down. hahahahaha.

Oh bugger, just remembered, he aint comin. Gotcha #2. Doh.

yeah but i bet he right clicks and “saves as” before removal

another one for the hard drive

Doh Doh Doh