Nintendo Wii, 2controllers, 2 nun chucks 5 games + more


I need to find £220 quiet quickly so here goes (little gutted but she has to go)…

Nintendo Wii, all cables, manuals, and boxes.

2 Controllers
2 Nun Chucks
1 Game Cube Controller

5 Games:-
Wii Sports
Wii Play
Red Steel
SSX Blurr
Mario Party 8

if you were to buy this lost in Game (even with 2nd hand prices) you would be looking at £300 thats 2nd hand, new would be about another £50)

I would like to have a little left after selling so really looking for £240 if possible if not I’m open to offers.

Nothing worse than having to sell off your goods because tiscali screwed you over and BT will not play ball so all this just to pay a freeking bill…