Anyone use it and which one do you use spray or washing machine

Yes… Green in washing machine in hand wash programme. Purple spray afterwards is my method. I usually do two sprays… One wet and one when dry. Probably paranoia…

NT will be along shortly to inform of Mrs NT’s technique which is very good apparently

I’ll look forward to it

From memory Mrs NT washes mine over 4 cycles once a year! 

First normal detergent wash, second no detergent wash to rinse out any remaining detergent. After drying third wash with Nikwax Tech Wash (green bottle) and allow to dry. Fourth wash with Nikwax Wash In (purple bottle).

I then use the Nikwax TX Spray On (purple spray bottle probably the same formulae as the Wash In) maybe twice a year.

Best value we found for 1L of Tech Wash & 1L of Wash In multi pack was Tesco click and collect £15.00

Thanks that’s cheaper than Amazon

Wash in stuff.  Works okay.  Must repeat in two weekends and allow jacket to dry between wash cycles.

I wonder if Tesco sell acf 50 and large degreaser

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