Nikon F-601

I have a Nikon F-601 but after seeing the brilliant pic’s on here i’m thinking about buying a digital SLR. willing to spend say up to about £600? now i want to know is there any digital SLR camera out there that i can use my lens etc? also could i use my F-601 body in part exchange?

Hey Tony

Look for a 2nd hand Nikon D70, the D70s is still too expensive at the moment. What ever you do don’t get the Nikon D50 as its just rubbish and it takes SD cards.

As for getting a part exchange for the F601 I wouldn’t really bother. Most places if they will buy in a film SLR won’t offer you much at all. Maybe hold onto to the F601 as you could use it for doing slides?

Hi kev, would you recommend the D70 over the canon 350D?

I would, I use a D70, it rocks, very intutive and flexible.

I wouldn’t ! Just read any camera review! EOS350, go for it! Actually it’s almost like a bike, it all depend on your use. I have a EOS300 and I’m at moment taking worse pics than when I was using my point-and-shoot. Like people on 1000 without the right skills being done for 400s on the track. lol

Thanks Mate and would my lens work on the D70? and any recommendations to where to look for one apart from E-Bay!!!

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I’m sure that the lens’ll be fine - Kev’ll vouch that - but remember that your 35mm lens will be multiplied by 1.5 ish so you may lose your wide angle view.

Mebbe look at a new camera with specific digital wide angle package - and I’d buy (and have done for over 10 years) a Canon, Nikons? Pah!


The 350D does rock, although the 300D wasn’t bad at all I gather and maybe a few really good deals floating around!! First decent Nikon is the D70, and joking aside it is tops, but the D20 Canon edges it I reckon. Pester Kev and see if Jessop’s database lists any?

Thanks andrew would my lens fit Canon? and i see you sent your rain down to us now Mate HAHA

Nay mate - can’t take lenses across brands (except I think Nikon fits Fuji?). What lens is it anyway?

It’s a pity that 35mm has fallen so quickly and spectacularly from favour. I reckon my EOS1n (£500 2 yrs ago) would be almost unsellable, as I fear is your 601. Keep it as previously suggested, you know for parties and social events people often want a set of prints to hand out so a film camera can be useful. Also as backup.

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Mrgee - “Hi kev, would you recommend the D70 over the canon 350D?”

The 350D is the far better camera, lower ISO speeds and high ISO speeds with low noise unlike the Nikon. Also there are loads more lenses avalible for canon then Nikon. O and its a much faster camera too, the DIGIC II processors are fantastic

Wolfeyes - “Thanks Mate and would my lens work on the D70?”

Yep they will and I think even the old manual lenses will even fit and work on the D70 too but best to check first as I know one of there DSLR’s doesn’t.

Wolfeyes - “Thanks andrew would my lens fit Canon?”

Surprisingly they will when used with a certain adapter, I have been told that there is something that will make Canon lenses fit Nikons and vis versa. Only thing is I haven’t seen it yet lol, also I would imagin that it would act as an extention tube, so would be good for macro photography but pants for wideangle.

Andrew&7 - “Pester Kev and see if Jessop’s database lists any?”

Yep I can have a look, I know there are some Canon 300D’s and Canon 10D’s knocking around in the 2nd hand dept so I can have a look tomorrow and see whats avalible.

Andrew&7 -“And yes the weather from oop north has descended. But it’s 5 degrees warmer”

Damn you lol.


Nothing warms my heart like the sound of the Canon posse closing ranks and (again) proving Nikon have been playing catch up since the F1.

Comprehensive Kev, you’re defo the man for the photo lessons. LOL LOL Pass the man another shovel…!

You’ll never see me selling a Nikon … just don’t tell my manager lol.