Night Vision


About a year ago I had my eyes lasered and have had no real problems. Since learning to ride earlier this year (why I never did it years ago I’ll never know!) I’ve started to notice that my night vision is clearly not as good as it was. At first I put it down to my visor not being clean enough and have tried loads of different products etc without much success. I always feel that my vision is a bit blurry at night and the slightest bit of water on my visor agrevates the situation. So I went to the opticians and he confirmed there’s nothing wrong with my eyes and my vision is fine, but did warn me that at night I may suffer a slight blur in my peripheral vision, something about the cornea expanding over the area that was lasered. Bascially I’m wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue, and if so whether they have found anything that might help.

I know it’s a long shot but I have no intention of not riding at night so any advice would be much appreciated.



Sorry to hear that you have problems with your eyes at night. I was considerng having my eyes lasered but when I lookid into it found that the possible complication out weighed any benefits.

So I am now stuck with contact lenses, the ones I get from my optician are great, you can wear them for a month at a time and are so comfortable you can even sleep in them. Glasses really are impracticle on a bike.

I would consider a specialist opinion given your problems. Some of the most fun you will get on your bike is to be had at night. Friday nights at the ace are a case in point.

I am the same as Dan riding with glasses is crap they steam up all the time contact are cool though but your eyes can dry out a little and they can fall out not happend to me yet but it has to snap

you’ll be needing some of these then

Yes that may well be an option!!

I used to wear contacts but there’s no going back now! I might try a slightly tinted visor insert see if that makes any difference. Otherwise if you see a red SV at night stay away as may not of seen you!!


didnt someone make visors a couple of years ago with a funny pissy yellow colour tint that were ment to stop glare from oncoming lights at night, maybe thats an answer to it?

I don’t know about yellow at night, but at dawn and dusk a yellow visor will help with contrast making things easier to differentiate.