Night Riding

Does anyone ever enjoy it more than riding in the day?

i.e. if it were a warm sunny day or a mild-warm night, which would you prefer to ride in.

Traffic is normally heavier in the daytime, which means im going slower, and I still get quiet hot. However at night I just love being a solitude road-user and feeling cool air on me as I ride…

Am I alone in this notion - or are there others too?

Perhaps it’s a cruiser thing… and you sporty-bikey people just like razzing about :stuck_out_tongue:


I enjoy riding at anytime of day or night.

Just worried about running out of gas if I ride late in the night and not many 24hr petrol stations.

Mild warn night anyday…erm…night.

I love night riding, its so peaceful and fun.

Night riding defo. :cool:

Riding through the night and watching the sun rise over the mountains, has to be my favourite. :slight_smile:

Hmmm depends. Full moon, no bugs, absolutely brilliant.

I rode into Prague taking a scenic route in such conditions, the signs to Praha taking a twisty road through massive soviet derelict industrial factories. Floodlights inside some, with heavy machinery moving around, casting silhouettes against men welding. It was like riding through some post apocalyptic computer game. Superb.

However some of my worst rides have been at night. Collisions with unlit vehicles, unseen rocks and potholes in the road, corrupt officials and robbers out for the start of their shifts… Unless I’m in a first world country I now will not ride at night - it’s when everything goes wrong.

Well i LOVE it.

Back when I was with my girlie I once actually said I had to go (after I did my stuff - of course) one night, purely because the night was so nice and I wanted to ride :P.

I told her before I got with her though - “there will be many a time in my life, where I have to choose between you and my bike. It WILL be my bike, every time though” haha.

Is it plain stupid to do a night rideout?

Having arranged/done a few, yes it is :smiley:

Even if it’s a nice slow one? :stuck_out_tongue:



Yes and we wont mention the hedge or the “accidental” wheelie now will we :wink:

Night rides are the best!

My opinion, which is of course not factual in the slightest :smiley:

If I could trust all drivers to have their lights on then I do prefer night riding, I.E I feel that it is easier to spot lights way before someone comes to the end of a junction and therefore adjust my riding accordingly, Also there is a vague hope that they are going to notice me more as it is easier to see my own lamps.

But then again :w00t: I could be talking out of my (0) and this is where I get everyone posting up their night time close shave experiences :wink:


early morning is best, all the cagers are in bed…

At night you can’t see road surface changes, water, debris, furnature ahead in the distance to predict road…

I’d def. be up for an early morning ride :slight_smile:

I like night riding, you can see the car lights at corners,

les trafic :smiley:

as TDJ says the enhanced scenery is amazing

I do admit it can be a bit hair raising seeing that object on the road a lot later than you would in the day

And of course Able to see around the bends as such with regards to oncoming headlights can make a Good Road extremly wonderful … Night time Via Gellia and even the nearer to home Pirbright - Deepcut

If I’m doing a long distance ride on the motorway, I prefer night. you can see the cagers and they can see you

I’ve ridden at dusk before coming back from a rally.

Stopped off at Newlands Corner and then on to Box Hill - great rides round there (and only about half hour from me house)

But yeah - someone should really organise something… I’m too inexperienced to organise it.


Sun rise and sun set in Europe, not in the UK. Riding in Andorra at sunset was beautiful.

Warm night!