Nifty idea from Dainese

Hi Guys and Gals,

Not sure if you have seen this before but I thought it was an excellent idea if you have any Dainese jacket:

Dainese Union Belt £19.99 (£2 P&P)

A truley fantastic idea. Like to wear your jacket with jeans but hate the way your jacket rides up and your back gets cold? We have the answer! Simply thread the union belt like a normal belt through your jeans or other trousers, and then your dainese jacket Zips to the top on to the connecting Zip. Simple but affective. Can match non Dainese leathers to the jacket.
I have just called to order one and they only have a few left, it has taken them ages to order in the guy in the shop tells me so be quick!!!

what happens if you wearing tight jeans and a jacket that is to small, will your tone of voice change over the course of your journey?

Looking cool in ya Dainese Jacket, Belt and Jeans while Tarmac Surfing

Shreading ya Skin and Bone and Screaming “IT HURTS” in A+E

But knowing you didnt show ya Builders Bum while doing it cos ya new Belts the Mutz !!