Morning everyone

Just a little warning the POLICE ARE OUT and looking for small number plates mine WAS 2"+9" (MY NUMBER PLATE THAT IS).

Let me talk you through it.“The nice policeman pulled me over” and said “i’m not going to do you for doing 60 in a 40 (that was nice&nbspnot even your illegal exhaust or dark visor but your number plate is taking the PISS THEY WILL LUV THIS BACK AT THE STATION”. then took a photo gave me a £30 fine and left. Could have been worse i suppose.My black R6 has now got it’s old xxl plate back on FOR A WHILE ANYWAY.

Got stopped last year for small numberplate, letters/numbers were also in one line which is now illigal. Copper said to change it and I wouldn’t have to pay the £30 fine. “How will you know I’ve changed it” I asked. “Send me your old plate” He answered Needless to say I paid the fine and kept the plate.

I was nicked for a letterbox style plate, and then got the usual crap thru from the DVLA, I know they threaten you with a ‘Q’ plate, does anyone know if that has actually happened to anyone? or is it just a threat no matter how many times you get nicked?

Where was that mate?

how can they do that??

Got done for my 6x4 plate awhile back, 30 quid fine and the copper also overlooked all the other illegalities… I now have a 7x5

Although the 6x4 was really taking the piss, the Suzuki euro thing was a bit stupid and took up a quarter of the plate !..

Your tyre looks healthy !!


well i got leter from DVLA saying that the plate was theirs, and didnt belong to me, and if I continued to use an illegal plate, they would withdraw the number and issue with me with a Q plate, even sent me a nice little pamphlet, so now if i see a Q plate, I am quite in awe of them! doesn’t everyone get letter like that, or was it just me?

That kind of response in my experience is saved for people misusing personalised numers. Were you using a personalised plate? I think you’ll all find that the enforcement of illegally small, incorrectly spaced and non standard fonts will increase due to the increased use of ANPR.

No, it wasn’t a personalised plate, just a smaller letterbox style, same number as I have now, still got a smaller one, but not letterbox now.

No, a ‘Q’ plate is usually indicative that the car/bike in question is of questionable history, could be an import with no documentation etc. used to also be used for stolen/recovered vehicles which were recovered after the DVLA had scrapped the reg number.

Things like one off or custom frames will normally end up with a Q plate as the owner will be unable to prove the age of it as it will not have a ‘proper’ VIN or frame number, a way around this used to be just using the headstock from a frame, ie. the bit with the frame number on it.

If you think it’ll be a badge of honour to have one, bear in mind that it’ll seriously devalue the selling price of your bike as people are wary of buying them & a lot of insurance comapnies won’t provide more than TPO cover.

Letter box style number plates are strictly illegal and displaying one will get you a tug…

I posted on here recently my forces stance on plate size and, if you can recall, 20 metres and readable was ok…letterbox still a no-no!!

as for continually abusing it…yes, DVLA get imformed by us and they employ the ‘3 strike’ rule, stopped 3 times and they revoke your plate and issue your bike with a ‘Q’ plate.

Even if it’s personalised and you paid a silly amount of money, they still OWN it ultimately and can withdraw it for misuse.

In a nutshell…don’t take the piss.

If you can read it at 20 mtrs in TVP your fine.

Exactly my experience, 3 nice warnings, then a £30 fine, at all times it was subtly put to me that a “sensible sized” plate would be acceptable, fag packet is not. Some wouldnt verbally clarify that sensible means mid sized but 1 or 2 did, that’s mid sized, not legal teatray sized OE joke . . . . it’s all to do with the ANPR system and, readabilty in 150mph video flypast replays

Never had a DVLA asbo though, despite having a microfilm readable only reg I feel kind of left out ;(

they do it as a punishment for you having a small plate… cos they know how much your insurance goes up if you have a Q plate…your choice

I may change my plate then b4 i get warned. Chilled i remember seeing u got a yellow sticker with text for the bottom as i already have my plate made up any ideas where i can get that!