Nick Crowe and Mark Cox fundraising

As some of you maybe aware my partner and myself went to the Isle of Man TT to support close friends in their sidecar races. It was our 3rd TT out there with them and last year they were double winners. This year was tragic. Please read the link below as most of the info is there.

And about the fundraising here

Mark is my better halfs best mate, due to the bad weather and the organisers deciding to let the electric bikes out first that day we’d been waiting 9 hours at the Gooseneck to show them their first pit board… they never made it that far thanks to a hare running out infront of them and them crashing which lead to them both in hospital with VERY Serious injuries.

Their families need all the help they can get at the moment, Mark, his wife and 2 children have been living in their small motorhome as they were in the middle of renovating his house in Rochester, Kent. Now Mark will not be able to work or move out of his hospital bed for a long time let alone simple things like play with his kids :frowning: He’s still in Nobles a week later and waiting to be transfered to Liverpool, no help to the family who need to be there for him. Nicks family are in the IOM and he’s in Liverpool! Couldn’t imagine what thats like for any of them either.

We will be going up there next weekend to see them both.

The fundraisers will also be selling 50 lots on ebay as well as all the other events, one is a Steve Hislop print signed by him! and the great John Holden is even donating his SILVER REPLICA!!! I’ll be bidding on that myself :smiley:

If anyone is in the IOM please try to make it to one of the fundraising events, if anyone has anything to donate please let me know. If anyone has anymore ideas let me know too.

Thank you all in advance
Carla and Andy xx