nicest roads down to brighton

Going to ride down to brighton - what are the most scenic routes?


Never, ever enter Brighton by the A23.

Instead, combine roads like

A281 or A283

A22 then A275 A27 then B2123 with a final zigzag through Ovingdean*

A 2038 down to Hove from Devil’s Dyke


*Note this is my favourite, but will be ruined when the new Brighton and Hove Albion stadium opens in 2011 and increases traffic on this route on match days.

The A275 is the road but rather than taking the boring A22 to get to it you could try the more interesting B2026.:slight_smile:

I guessI depends where you are starting from. I endorse the B2026 but it is along way east from here. The B2028, B2010, B2112 or B2111/A272/A275 are all good but further west. Watch out for the police radar gun in Crawley Down though.

If you find yourself in Ditchling, don’t take the A273 to Brighton, go over Ditchling Beacon instead.

I took the B2026 with your routes today. Thank you both - very nice roads :slight_smile:

if you can go through ditchiling (and over dichling beakon) do that.
look for the BHF bicycle ride route, thats quite good once it leaves london.