Nice to meet you :)

Hey everyone,

I’m Kyle, 22, I’ve been riding for 2-3 years starting on 125’s - moved to London about a year ago from Lincolnshire, had to sell my bike at the time (98 bandit 600) to raise the funds for accommodation and so on, and after a few months of hard work down here I’ve recently got the money together to afford myself a nice 600 hornet :smiley:

I used to post and meet every now and then with riders in Sheffield (still a bit of a treck from my hometown of Grimsby) but still haven’t done a huge amount of group riding.

Still would be cool to meet some people on here at some point!

On a different note, could anyone recommend an individual/company in my area (east london) or maybe further if they are good to service my bike? I can do the basics but i need the carbs cleaning and some other bits and pieces too but not sure where to take it around here.



The bike and me (on the right! the guy on the left makes me look 20% better looking!!! :P)

Hey Kyle!

Welcome to Londonbikers fella!

Great pic’s too :smiley:



For those who use them, add on or facebook "[email protected]" - need to get to know some people down here, hardly know anyone!!!


welcome to Lb mate keep an eye out in rideout section and get out n have fun :):slight_smile:

Im on facebook same username plus lots of others from here

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome aboard Kyle. Great pics :slight_smile:

Hey - thanks! :smiley:

hi and welcome