Nice to meet ya

Jus’ wanted to say; ‘T’was nice to meet a few of you guys at ACE tonight :slight_smile: :cool:

Was I that bad that you had to bugger off 2 mins after I arrived ( :wink: )? I’m starting to think that there is something in the name Paul seems to have given me; '[]stinky** :ermm:

Anyhow, appologies if I forget names (well I have), I’m **** with names, even if there were only about er . . . THREE (?) to remember, as the others I knew (names that is) Hahaha SOZ

Cheers Curtis for the lead :slight_smile: & see you all Sat

& where is the ‘uppy finger’ frownie for the fekker that tried to take me out on the A10 slip.

you should’ve come to BM instead :stuck_out_tongue:

BM is for losers, the Ace is where all the cool kids hang out :smiley:

Was nice to meet you too Batfink, see ya saturday, you’ll get to meet a lot more LBer’s then :slight_smile:

Tiggi you just like looking at the hoodrats on scooters…


No hoodrats there last night, lots of nice cars though :slight_smile:

I got dreads n I ride a XJR1300 :wink:

I got told there was knowhere to ****!